Cool, minimal, weather-themed, and cute clockfaces for Pebble



Over the past 18 months, I have dedicated many hours to the design and development of 22 free watch faces for Pebble. Now I have the experience, the knowledge, and my own watch face engine (a strong and optimized piece of software), and last but no least, I have a dream. For all of these, I begun a new stage.

The official birth of dP-watchfaces, as a brand name, was on September 11, 2016, from the moment when I published my first paid watch face. For the time being, it is a one man project, so I'm the designer, programmer, community manager, web developer and anything*er.

**Updated in 2019** Check out my clock faces for Fitbit smartwatches.



dPunisher is my nickname, or rather, my personal brand on Internet, for over 10 years, and 1337 my last name.

My motto is creativity as a lifestyle, if one day I can live of making watch faces, would be my dream come true.

dPunisher 1337